Beers Available August 2016


Old Sailor 4.9%

American style golden pale ale packed with hops for tropical flavours and a hoppy aroma


Paper Tiger 4.4%

Golden Pale ale brewed with Citra, Ahtanum and Cascade hops.Dry hopped for refreshing flavours of lemon and passion fruit


Hello Darkness 5%

Dark and rich porter. Big malty flavours along with chocolate, caramel notes and a subtle hop kick


Citra 4.2% - Cask back in stock 11th July

Golden pale beer brewed using Citra hops. Refreshing and light giving citrus aromas


Ship Of Fools 4.5% - Back In stock 18th July

Dry hopped golden pale ale. Full of citrus flavours from the Amarillo and Cascade hops


Sealord 4.3%

Golden ale brewed using American hops for subtle hints of Lime, Grapefruit and Melon


Transmission - 3.9%

Pale session beer American hopped giving subtle citrus flavours and a hoppy aroma


Phrenology 6.2%

Strong ruby red ale. Hoppy, fruity flavours and a floral aroma

Currently only available in bottles


Stout 4.6%

Dark beer brewed using five malts to give full bodied in depth flavours and a chocolate aroma
Available in bottles only

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